iPhone® 14 Pro Max case with camera cover | CITSU – G1 PUNTO ZERO

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Introducing the aiPhone® 14 Pro Max case with camera cover from the extraordinary CITSU collection – the magnificent fusion of Traditional Japanese, Barocco, Anime, Oil on Canvas styles. Immerse yourself in a world of artistic elegance with BJJING’s impeccable craftsmanship.

Designed to enhance both style and functionality, this exquisite phone case embraces your aiPhone® 14 Pro Max, safeguarding it in a symphony of beauty and protection. The subtle integration of a camera cover adds an extra layer of privacy, ensuring your every moment remains exclusively yours.

Unleash your unique taste and transcend ordinary conventions with the enchanting blend of cultures and styles. Inspired by the rich elegance of Traditional Japanese art, this case captures the essence of grace and tranquility. Every stroke tells a story, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your phone while ensuring absolute comfort in your hand.

The influence of the Barocco era brings a touch of opulence and grandeur to this remarkable case. The intricate patterns and ornate detailing exude a sense of regality, making your aiPhone® 14 Pro Max an object of desire and admiration.

Immerse yourself in an Anime-inspired realm, where vibrant colors and dynamic characters come to life. Feel the energy and excitement pulsating through your phone as you showcase your love for this immersive art form.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating world of Oil on Canvas, this case embraces the allure of fine art. The depth and richness of colors create a mesmerizing visual experience, transforming your device into a captivating masterpiece.

With BJJING’s commitment to quality, this case is meticulously crafted using premium materials to provide exceptional protection against bumps, drops, and everyday wear. The precise cutouts ensure easy access to all buttons and ports, so you can fully enjoy the features of your aiPhone® 14 Pro Max without compromise.

Indulge in the captivating fusion of elegance and innovation. Elevate your style with the aiPhone® 14 Pro Max case from the enchanting CITSU collection, where Traditional Japanese, Barocco, Anime, and Oil on Canvas meet in perfect harmony. Inspire awe and spark conversations with this stunning accessory from BJJING.

(Note: This is a fictional description created for demonstration purposes only.)

Technical Specifications

This premium phone case is made for all minimalist style lovers. It’s classy and lightweight but will certainly do the job when it comes to keeping your phone safe.
• Made of polycarbonate (PC) material
• Wireless charging compatible
• Precisely aligned port openings
• Blank product sourced from the Republic of Korea

Disclaimer: Keep away from liquids containing high alcohol levels, as designs on the phone case may rub off. Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent yellowing.
Important: This product is available in the US, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand only. Please choose a different product if your shipping address is outside these regions.

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