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finally a way to easily organize your drilling sessions

Stop forgetting about the 102923 instructional you actually never drilled and learned from.

Stop forgetting on your training session the techniques you wanted to focus on.

We live in a blessed era, so much information…! But are we truly making the best possible use of it?

Our app is a video library of micro clips of real tournaments and competitions footage, designed to help grapplers of any level hone their technique.

Unlike other traditional methods that involve long format video lessons, our clips are short and concise – perfect for drilling exactly the skills you want to learn.


The perfect studying, drilling and learning process is called bjjing



Filter by: technique, situation, position, athlete, tournament (or many others) you want to learn from.


Select the clips

Select the clips from real competition you want to learn and drill: prepare your today drilling list!


Drill and learn

Now it’s time to drill and perfection your technique. NO time wasted on long form courses that scatter info.

Studying, drilling and learning Jiu Jitsu in the most organized and efficient way

FILTER BY ANYTHING: Specific movement, Technique, Situation, Uniform (GI/NOGI) Athlete, Tournament and much more.

Organize your drilling session

Learn from real competition footage

Study your favorite athletes

Upgrade your Jiu Jitsu

Video selection

Just navigate the app and select all the clips you want to drill from on your next drilling session.

Real competition footage

No techniques, no theory, no movements that you cannot apply to a real sparring situation.

Study your favorites

Filter the athletes you want to learn from to focus your study activity on specific styles and jiu jitsu.

Guaranteed improvement

Repetition define your techniques, level of techniques impacts your jiu jitsu results.

3 days free tial

watching and even studying good jiu jitsu won’t make yours any better (if…)

Studying jiu jitsu effectively means more than just watching random online techniques on Instagram or You Tube. And Yes…. Even buying instructional is not enough. You know when they say: train the technique don’t train to fight? That’s exactly right. If you pay attention to highest level world time champions you don’t just see them go fight mode all the time.

Tougher ins’t necessarily equal to better. You need to drill technique, and if you learn it from the best and highest performing athlete in the world is even better.

If this sounds like a plan to you, well… This is all of what the Bjjing drilling App is all about.

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Filter by anything

Specific movements

Filter by specific movements like: arm drag, single leg, ashi garami, back control…

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Filter by specific technique like: arm drag, finalizations, type of pass, type of takedown…

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Filter by: attack of defense, both opponents on the mat or both standing…

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Filter by GI matches or NOGI matches.

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Filter by your favorite athletes and study the style you want to learn from.

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Filter by specific tournaments, events or match references.

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